Clinical SupervisionI provide an expert witness service in relation to adults. This includes the following range of psychological expertise in mental health and clinical issues:

  • Psychological assessments for Court
  • Assessments of abilities
  • Assessments for possible psychological treatment
  • Expert witness service
  • Individual parent motivation, ability and personality
  • Assessment of parental mental health and mental health needs
  • Professional consultations

I have over 30 years experience of working in the NHS and I have been a Consultant Clinical Psychologist for over 20 of those years. For 12 years I managed the Clinical Psychology Services in the Northern Health and Social Care Trust and helped to establish and then manage the Psychological Therapies Service in that Trust.

In my career I have held many professional, clinical and managerial roles and so bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the area of Psychological Assessment.

Details of my career can be viewed on my Curriculum Vitae:
Download a PDF of my current CV