Clinical Psychological TherapyPsychological therapy can give an individual the opportunity to explore with a qualified professional the difficulties they have been experiencing and the resources that they already use in everyday life. Thoughts, feelings and behavioural patterns are explored and the person is helped to identify how things could be different and what would help move them in that direction.

Before seeing a Psychologist

These days there are many excellent resources available on the internet to help people who are facing psychological difficulties. However it can sometimes be difficult knowing what is useful and what is either inaccurate or even harmful. One of the best websites to get information on self help is As well as loads of useful information and links this site provides details of free downloads of self help materials and mp3 recordings. It will also guide you to free online courses, mostly, but not exclusively based on CBT principles. One of the best of these is Living Life to the Full.

It is worth looking at this site before seeing someone. It might mean that you can work through your difficulties yourself and thus gain a great sense of achievement, it might help you understand better why you are having problems, it will certainly give you a better sense of what some psychological therapies are like and if you do decide to see a psychologist a good knowledge of these materials will help in your recovery.

What to expect

Sometimes people who see a clinical psychologist for the first may not know what to expect, so please feel free to contact me and I will deal with any questions you have.

In the FAQs page you will find answers to some of the most common questions about psychological therapy and about coming to see me for the first time.